LIBS Laser

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS): is an atomic emission spectroscopy technique. By focusing a  pulse on the  surface of a sample, while the energy intensity is higher than the breakdown threshold, the plasma emission is produced immediately. Based on the LIBS technology, sampling, atomization, excitation can be realized with the pulsed laser in the same system. The continuous bremsstrahlung and ion emission line are observed following the reduction of the plasma, and using the spectrometer to the samples.Its applications have been reported concerning metal analysis,soil analysis, agricultural product analysis, coal analysis, aqueous solution analysis, jewel authenticate and etc. 


 ■ CNI self-made high performance laser source                         Almost no damage to the samples

 ■ Long-distance, real-time, online                                              ■ Versatility and variety for the samples

  Small size, quick response                                                      ■ Adapt to the harsh environment

 ■ Easy to install, uninstall and maintain                                      Customized solutions available

Laser Related

Wavelengths: 266nm, 355nm, 532nm, 1064nm, etc. Multi-wavelengths system is also available on request.


Spectrometer Coupling System Remote Contral System Synchronizing System Laser Goggles

CNI laser for LIBS from customers

(1) LIBS of Aluminium Alloy

(2) LIBS of Cu

(3) LIBS of NaCl Crystallization

(4) LIBS of Sinter Materia

(5) LIBS of Cr:YAG Crystal

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