Spectroscopy is a branch of optics, studying the generation of spectrum of various substances and its interaction with materials. Spectroscopy technology is not only a scientific tool, it also provides an important method of qualitative and quantitative analysis in the chemical analysis. Spectroscopy technology works by measuring the light intensity of ultraviolet, visible, near infrared and infrared wavelengths, is widely used in scientific research, teaching, industrial and many other fields.To create a one-stop shopping service, CNI provide following three types of Spectrum Analyzers for meeting customers` need. CNI offers laser, spectrometer, software analysis and other products, also provides customized products according to customers` demands

  • Fiber Optic Spectrometer can be used to measure wavelength and line width of laser, LED and common light source, can accurately obtain the spectral characteristics of the light source which is being tested.CNI can provide single-channel conventional spectrometers as well as multi-channel spectrometers with a wide spectral range

Fiber Spectrometer Multi-channel Spectrometer

  • Raman spectrometer with the features of compact design, high resolution, high sensitivity, simple measurement and operation, can replace the old spectrophotometer and widely used in chemical and biological research, environmental science, jewelry appraisal, forensic appraisal, food/drug safety inspection, geological exploration and many other fields.

Combined Raman Spectrometer

Portable Raman Spectrometer

Desktop Raman Spectrometer

Micro Raman Spectrum Measurement System

  • Fluorescence Spectrometer has the features of high sensitivity, strong selectivity, micro samples and simple operation, it is applied to crystal, rare earth elements and other fluorescence spectrum detection.

Combined Fluorescence Spectrometer

Portable Fluorescence Spectrometer  

Desktop Fluorescence Spectrometer

Micro Fluorescence Spectrum Measurement System

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