PIV Laser

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) achieved significant development compared with traditional flowing display technology by using a transient, multi-point, non-contact hydrodynamic speed method. PIV overcome the single point measurement limitations of traditional means for that PIV can record a great deal of velocity distribution of different space at the same transient state, also provide customers affluent spatial structure and flowing characteristics about the flow field. PIV can be widely used in the wind tunnel flow field measurements, turbulent flow field measurements, particle flow studies, environmental studies, biomedical research and other fields.


   CNI self-made high performance laser source
 All accessories for PIV test system
 Easy to Install, uninstall and maintain
 Adapt to harsh PIV environment
 Provide customized solutions

Laser Source


Laser Light Sheet Synchronizing System Articulated Arm Remote Control System Laser Goggles

The experiment phenomena of CNI laser for PIV from customers

Continuous laser light sheet
Experiment on testing flume field with PIV

Experiment on testing nozzle jet with PIV

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