Marking Laser

CNI developed tuning Q laser of semiconductor pump and high-power water-cooled laser with the characteristics of high peak power. They are widely used in laser rapid prototyping technology, laser welding technology, laser drilling technology, laser cutting technology, laser marking technology, laser to weight balance technology, laser etching, laser trimming technology, storage technology, laser marking, laser cleaning technology, laser heat treatment technology and so on.

◆1064nm Infrared Laser Metal & Plastic Marking

FL-1064 (4~10W) EL-1064 (2~6W) AO-V-1064 (12~15W) AO-1064


Diamond planning & marking laser! 

◆532nm Green Laser Plastic & Fruit & Egg Marking

FL-532 (1.5~3W) EL-532 (1.5~3W) AO-V-532 (5~8W)


10^5 watts high peak power !

For glass engraving ! 

 ◆355nm UV Laser

FL-355(1~1000mW) AO-V-355 (1~3W)

AO-V-355-Water / 1~5W

Water coolling

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