Lidar Laser

Lidar is a method of measuring distance. It irradiates the target with a pulse laser and measures the reflected pulse with a sensor.Different laser return time and wavelength can be used to make digital 3d representation of the target.The name lidar is now used for light detection and ranging.Lidar is sometimes called 3d laser scanning, which is a special combination of 3d scanning and laser scanning.It has ground, air and mobile applications.

Lidar is commonly used to make high-resolution maps and has applications in geodesy, geology, archaeology, geography, geology, geomorphology, seismology, forestry, atmospheric physics, and laser surveying.The technology is also used to control and navigate some self-driving cars.


 ■ CNI provided high reliability lasers

 ■ All the necessary accessories can be provided

 ■ Easy to install and maintain

 ■ Customized solution can be provided upon request



Beam Expander Power Meter Laser Display Card Pulse Probe Laser Goggles

Applications of CNIlaser in Lidar

1.System of detecing Aerosol

The absorption and scattering of Aerosols to sunlight will greatly
change the atmosphere system. Aerosol testing provides important
data to the study of global warming and pollution of the environment.
CNI provides lasers for the system of detecting Aerosol based
 on Mie scattering theory.

2. System of detecting the atmospheric temperature

Detection of atmospheric temperature is important to the analysis
of weather forecasting, atmospheric environment and process of

atmospheric dynamics. At present, the method of measuring middle
atmosphere temperature is rare, so observing stratospheric temperature

by lidar is very effective. 

CNI provides lasers for detection system of the atmospheric 
temperature based on Rayleigh scattering theory.

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