Laser Measurement

CNI as a world`s leading designer and manufacturer of laser system, fully understood your actual demands of laser measurement and analytical capability, designed several laser measurement which are specially tailored to you. Based on the understanding of practical applications, advanced technology and precise selection of devices, CNI dedicated to helping you find the best choice which can not only meet your measurement requirements, but also offer the most competitive price. The modular options we offered made it easier for you to extend the configuration when your demands increased or changed in the future, which improved the cost performance.
In addition, we also provide data testing and customized services of laser measurement protection system, which are based on customer`s needs.

Laser Power&Stability Measurement

Laser Wavelength Measurement

Laser power meter is used to measure laser power and power stability. CNI provides customers thermoelectric and photoelectric power meters...

Fiber optic spectrometer is used to measure wavelength, line width of laser and common light source, also to measure fluorescence, Raman, plasma spectrum...

Laser Pulse Measurement
Longitudinal Mode Measurement

Coherence Length Measurement

Noise Measurement

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