Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (CLSM) consists of confocal microscopy, laser and data acquisition system. It is a combination of the optical microscope, the modern laser technology, Raman detection technology, scanning control technology, computer image processing technique and fluorescence labeling technique. Its application and research field include the observation of life living cell structure and specific molecular, Ion biological changes, pharmacology, genetics, spectroscopy and related subjects. Specific applications such as: stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy(STORM), fluorescence lifetime-transient scanning(FLITS), fluoresence recover after photobleaching(FRAP), stimulated emission depletion(STED)etc.

Changchun New Industries (CNI), founded in 1996, is a leading manufacturer of solid-state and diode laser systems. CNI laser features with high performance, nice reliability, and specifically designed for OEM, scientific, industrial and instrumentation use. In addition, CNI lasers are ISO-9001, FDA, CE, RoHS and JQA certified. CNI can provide different lasers for Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy, High Resolution Fiber Optic Spectrometer, Optical Fiber Raman Probe, Fiber Coupler, modulator and other related accessories.


■ CNI self-developed high reliability lasers. User requirements can be realized.

■ CNI can provide different lasers with free space and Multi-wavelength single-mode fiber coupling, and related

■ System is stable and reliable. Customized solution can be provided upon request.

Laser Related

 Wavelengths: 266nm355 nm360 nm375 nm, 405 nm442 nm445 nm457 nm465 nm473 nm488 nm, 515 nm

                        520 nm532 nm556 nm561 nm589 nm593 nm633 nm637 nm.640 nm671 nm., 690 nm720 nm,

                        750 nm785 nm808 nm1064 nm2200 nm etc. 

                        Single longitudinal mode, narrow linewidth,  laser available; Multi-wavelengths laser systems also available; New laser-wavelength can be customized.


Fiber Patech Cables Spectrometer Raman Probe Power Meter
Laser Goggles
Applications of CNI laser for Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy

(1) Antimicrobial Photodynamic Efficiency of Novel Cationic Porphyrins towards Periodontal Gram-positive and Gram-negative Pathogenic Bacteria

    (Photochemistry and Photobiology, Volume 90, Issue 3, pages 628–640, May/June 2014) (CNI-635nm)

(2) Calcium Dynamics in Root Cells of Arabidopsis thaliana Visualized with Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy (PloS one, 2013, 8(10): e75646.)         (CNI-442nm)

(3) Fluoxetine induces vasodilatation of cerebral arterioles by co-modulating NO/muscarinic signalling (Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine,              Volume 16, Issue 11, pages 2736–2744, November 2012) (CNI-532nm)

(4) Fluorescence ghost imaging with pseudothermal light (Optics Letters, Vol. 36, Issue 16, pp. 3302-3304 (2011)) (CNI-473nm)

(5) Improved Temporal Resolution and Linked Hidden Markov Modeling for Switchable Single-Molecule FRE (ChemPhysChem, Volume 12, Issue              3, pages 571–579,February 25, 2011) (CNI-532nm)

(6) Near-field Raman imaging using optically trapped dielectric microsphere (Optics Express, Vol. 16, Issue 11, pp. 7976-7984 (2008)) (CNI-532nm)

(7) Ultra-high resolution Raman imaging by optically trapped dielectric microsphere (NanoScience+ Engineering. International Society for Optics and           Photonics, 2008: 70330E-70330E-7) (CNI-532nm)

(8) Luminescence enhancement in nanocomposite consisting of polyvinyl alcohol incorporated gold nanoparticles and Nile blue 690 perchlorate  

    (Applied Optics, Vol. 53, Issue 31, pp. 7177-7181 (2014)) (CNI-532nm)

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