Red Laser

Red lasers include DPSS (diode-pumped solid-state) laser and diode laser. This series laser include 3 series: high power and stability, low noise and single longitudinal mode laser. Free space or fiber-coupled (SM fiber, MM fiber, homogenization fiber) output available. They are widely used in bioengineering, fluorescent substance, raman spectra and so on. Following wavelength are available for red laser: 

 ◆Diode-pumped All Solid-state Red Laser 

    604 nm 607 nm 612 nm 622 nm 639 nm 640nm 642 nm 650 nm 656.5 nm 666 nm 671 nm  689 nm 721 nm 
 ◆Diode Red Laser  
    627 nm 635 nm 637nm 640 nm 642 nm 650nm 655 nm  660 nm 665 nm 680nm 685 nm 690 nm 705 nm 730 nm 750 nm 760 nm 

  • Red high power laser: power >100 W;
  • Red high stability laser: stability <0.1%;
  • Red low noise laser: noise <0.25%;
  • Red single longitudinal mode laser: line width <0.00001 nm.






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