Raman Spectroscopy Laser

Raman spectrum indicates the vibration and rotation information of the substance molecules. Different materials have different characteristic of spectrum from other materials--characteristic peak, which provides fingerprint spectrum for the substance characterization and identification. CNI launched Raman spectrometer with the features of compact design, high resolution, high sensitivity, simple measurement and operation, can replace the old spectrophotometer and widely used in chemical and biological research, environmental science, jewelry appraisal, forensic appraisal, food/drug safety inspection, geological exploration and many other fields.

Composition of Raman Spectrometer

              Laser Source                         Spectrometer                         Probe            

A variety of linewidth options at :

257, 360, 405, 473, 514.5, 532, 633, 660, 

785, 830, 980, 1064 nm

High sensitivity; 

Up to 80% quantum efficiency; 

Spectral range 200- 1100nm

Excitation wavelength; 

360, 405, 532, 785, 830 nm...

Raman Spectrometer Solution

     Combined Raman Spectrum System             Portable Raman Spectrometer       

Fast connection, flexuble operation. 

Wavelength is optional according on 

Customer`s acyual requirements.

Simple measurement and easy operation,

 extemal power supply vehicle- mounted charger,

Dustproof, anti- vibration, arti-glare interference...

Desktop Raman Spectrum System Micro Raman Spectrum Measurement System

Build- in narrow line width laser- power 

adjustable, high sensitivity spectrometer- 

used for weak signal detection

It combines micro system and Raman

 system which greatly tacilitates the Raman 

micro area detection

Components & Accessories

               Raman Software                            Raman Cuvette            

The Raman spectrum of the asmples are compared 

with database for qualitative analysis. The database 

is accessible to the outside world, and has self-built 

database function.

Connect the Raman cuvette and 

Raman / fluorescence probe, which is able to switch

solid, liquid and other materials flexibly for metting

testing needs.

Sample Raman Spectrum

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