Laser Engraving Machine

CNI provied other marking system to meet customers' need such as diamond micro engraver, CO2 laser marking machine, fiber laser engraving machine water cooled laser engraving system. The diamond micro engraver features with good laser beam quality, small focusing spot, Short material interaction time and minimal heat effect which is widely used in diamond waist line marking code, LOGO Jewelry factory and diamond wholesalers. CNI can offer the total solution of diamond planning, marking and identification, also the separate part such as laser source and Raman spectrometer are available. 


•  No damage to glass and crystal surface
•  Forming plane or three-dimensional lattice images inside the crystal
•  Magical effect under the irradiation of seven spectral colors
•  Never fades, huge collection and commemorative value



• Decoration, glass processing, studio
• Crystal and glass handicrafts, souvenirs
• Tourist attractions, hotels, galleries
• Mobile phone keys, sticker, ceramic glaze
• Glass bottles, winebottle anti-counterfeiting
• Lenses, optical processing

Series Sub-2000
Max crystal size 150×250×100 mm
Carving range 100×100 mm
Max carving speed 2000 points/s
Point size 100μm
Laser type End-pumped DPSS laser
Cooling way Air cooled
Laser wavelength 532±nm
Laser rate 2KHz
Machine dimensions 780×500×600 mm
Machine weight 100kg
Power Supply 220VAC
Overall power consumption 2kW

Contact Person: hania Yang



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