635nm 200mW Red Laser For Optogenetics

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Model No.: MRL-III-635L

Product Description

Product Description

    Optogenetics is the combination of optics and genetics to control well-defined events within specific cells of living tissue. It includes the insertion into cells of genes or proteins that confer light responsiveness; it also includes the associated technologies for delivering light deep into complex organisms, for targeting light-sensitivity to cells of interest, and for assessing specific effects of this optical control. The MRL-III-635L Series of Diode Lasers with near TEM00 beam profile are built for applications requiring >100 mW to >200 mW of 635 nm laser light with a long operating lifetime, high stability and near-perfect square-wave modulation performance.
    These lasers are commonly used for Optogenetics, fluorescence excitation, microscopy, flow cytometry, material sciences, machine vision, laser display and a broad spectrum of other applications. Customers may choose between a PSU-III-FDA, PSU-III-LED or Optogenetics Tuned PSU-III-LED power supply1.
Available with TTL and Analog modulation, and in a wide array of output power and stability levels, these lasers are ideal for your research. 


■ Easy to install and maintain

■ CNI provided high reliability lasers

■All the necessary accessories can be provided

■ Customized solution can be provided upon request

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Detailed Images
635±5Central wavelength (nm)
Operating mode
Output power (mW)
>1, 10, 100, - , 200
Power stability (rms, over 4 hours)
<1%, <3%, <5%
Transverse mode
Near TEM00
M2 factor
<1.5 (<1.2, optional)
Beam diameter at the aperture 1/e2(mm) 
~3.0 (~1.2, optional)
Beam divergence, full angle (mrad) 
Polarization ratio
>50:1 (>100:1, optional) Horizontal±5 degree (Vertical Optional)
Warm-up time (minutes)
Beam height from base plate (mm)
24. 8
Operating temperature (℃)
Power supply (85-264VAC)
Pointing stability after warm-up (mrad) 
Modulation option
TTL on/off, 1Hz-1KHz, 1KHz-10KHz, 10KHz-30KHz Optional
Expected lifetime (hours)
Warranty period 
1 year
Packing & Delivery

Company Information

    Changchun New Industries (CNI) founded in 1996, located in Changchun, CHINA, is a leading manufacturer of solid-state and diode laser systems. Our products include green laser, blue laser, yellow laser, red laser, RGB laser, infrared laser, UV laser, single longitudinal mode laser and Q-switched laser systems. CNI lasers are featured with high performance, low cost and excellent laser beam quality, which are specifically designed for OEM, scientific, industrial and instrumentation use. In addition, CNI lasers are ISO-9001, FDA, CE and JQA certified.

    CNI also provides laser components and accessories, we aim to offer customers complete laser solutions for all solid state lasers, diode lasers, laser marking system with our most convenient and rapid service.

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      TNT     UPS     FEDEX     DHL

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       For 1 year

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      T/T     Western Union 

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